Commercial projects demand a higher level of technical expertise and knowledge than any other. ACG brings this understanding to the broad majority of specialized building systems and applications involved in commercial construction. Coupled with wide experience in code conformity and solid craftsmanship, your project is built the right way the first time. 

Examples of current and recent projects:

  • 8 story PT deck tower of mixed use & underground parking- 180,000 sf
  • Craft brewery and pizza restaurant
  • Private daycare and preschools- 10,000 sf, multiple locations
  • Retirement community unit remodels- 400 units on a 30 acre site
  • Microhousing project- 16 units
  • Industrial steel building flex space- 35,000sf among 14 building units
  • Retail supply stores- renovations to retail and warehousing operations
  • Apartment buildings and townhouses
  • Office tenant improvements- various sizes and locations
  • Intermodal shipping facility upgrades and renovations
  • Large scale commercial kitchen upgrades and remodels

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